About the Winters Family

Welcome to the Winters Family Website

Thanks for visiting the Winters Family blog. This originally started as an idea to give the family an update on the happenings of our life and evolved into highlighting Mike’s photography and Patti’s genealogy research. We are once again evolving the website to add recipes.

Cooking and Recipes

The original idea was she cooks, he eats, which worked perfectly well for quite a few years. Then a few years ago, he decided to start cooking which made she very happy (turns out he is pretty good). So the new modified idea is she bakes, he cooks. She keeps hoping the idea gets modified again to he cooks and bakes and she eats!


We are using this personal website to showcase his photography, her genealogy research and our cooking. We have put together family cookbooks for a few years and decided this would be a great way to keep the family updated and salivating over new recipes while letting them ogle the wonderful photography (he objects to the wonderful as he states he is just an amateur) to further entice their senses.

Family History

For quite a few years Patti has been working on her family history. Who ever knew that a hobby started at 16 would grow into the size it is today. The research consists of many different branches but the main ones are Winters, Burr, Mynarcik, Hudec, Small, Smallwood, Mayhew and Mansfield. Our family tree has many different branches, but we hope you use our research as a start for the search of your roots.